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Applying game strategies in organizations can take the form of game-based learning, e-learning with mini games built inside and a large number of options.

With the help of our Gamification Canvas - and the theories that support it - we can collaborate on your organizational talent development strategy.

Gamification Canvas

Using game design to develop corporate talent.

Knowing the characteristics of the people that are going to be or are already part of our organization is fundamental to know what kind of game they will play.

Are they Social and prefer human links? Are they Explorers and enjoy changing their routines frequently? Are they Achievers and love healthy competition and rankings? Are they perhaps Assassins and are they capable of carrying out large tasks in by themselves?

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How is motivation produced?

With Games@Work, we guide you on how to apply the concept of fluency of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in your own organization to boost the motivation and results of your employees.


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