When work is engaging,

motivated employees creates happy customers.


What's gamification about?

The gamification is the use of techniques, elements and dynamics of games in work activities in order to enhance motivation, modify behavior, and improve productivity.

From the combination of challenges, scoring systems, badges, rankings and mechanics of competition + cooperation, the design of gamified experiences achieve a greater commitment of the employee towards the task, their learning as an individual and as an organization, improving the work climate , the results of your company and obtaining better information for your decision making.

Studies made by Jane McGonigal (American game designer and writer advocating the use of mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real-world context) show that an individual, at the age of 18, spends 10,000 hours of education and about 10,800 hours of games / videogames.

In addition, if your employees belong to the millennials generation (or You want to prepare for it), talk to them in "video game language" is something they understand better than the traditional corporate approach.


Soft skills


Are you looking for a real return on investment in talent development?

Do you have a metric to evaluate it?

Did you detect behaviors in your company and wish to re-align the collaborators?

The answers to these questions are found in soft skills.

One way to develop soft skills is through gamification, or gaming for companies: the method already used by the world's leading companies.



Empathy is the ability to perceive, share and understand what another being can feel. It is mainly used in customer service areas to improve the experience we want to create with our customers.


Innovation is a change that introduces modifications. It refers to modifying existing elements in order to improve or renew them. A skill that allows us to re-think the products, services and processes according to the improvements we wish to include.


Un proceso de vinculo entre ideas y personas.


Communication is the process of transferring information from one place to another, or from one person to another, with the expectation of generating an action or creating an understanding.



Games @ Work is our proposal for consulting and training in gamification.

Do you want to learn, know and apply the game design tools in your tasks?
Would you like to be innovative in your recruitment, selection, training, training and talent development processes?

Games @ Work: learn how to apply the games, the playful and the experiential in your work teams.

Start this game today.


 Motivarnos, call & contact centers

The basis of success in your team is an oily alignment between objectives and results. Our gamification digital platform will make the performance increase you are looking for, a reality. The model of frequent recognition that Motivarnos incorporates, improves the engagement of agents and accelerates sales, customer service, collections or support that your team delivers.

The benefits that you can enjoy using Motivarnos are:
Decrease absenteeism
Improve the work climate
Decrease turnover
Improve operation metrics
Promote cooperation and competences

Motivarnos: gamification for contact centers and work teams that promotes and challenges call & contact center agents.


Do you know or heard about the combination of entertainment focused on organizational learning?

Would you like to use a facilitation tool for face-to-face workshops as today the best 100 companies in the world do?

If you want your team members to interact more fluently, learn from experiential experiences and develop their skills to the fullest, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is your answer.

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Applying game strategies in organizations can take the form of game-based learning, e-learning with challenges, simulations and a large number of options.

With the help of our Gamification Canvas - and the theories that support it - we can collaborate on your organizational talent development strategy.

In addition, Games@Work is a certification program whose name is

"Design of Gamified Experiences"

Gamification Canvas

Using game design to develop corporate talent.

Knowing the characteristics of your players - that are going to be or are already part of our organization - is fundamental to know what kind of game they will play.

Are they Social and prefer human links? Are they Explorers and enjoy changing their routines frequently? Are they Achievers and love healthy competition and rankings? Are they perhaps Assassins and are they capable of carrying out large tasks in solitude?

Taxonomía de Bartle.jpg

How is motivation designed and produced?

In Games@Work, we guide you on how to apply the concept of fluency of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in your own organization to enhance the motivation and results of your employees.



It is the methodology created by Lego (brand of educational games) in conjunction with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the IMD (International Institute for Management Development). At Gamifica, we propose experiential workshops and activities so that employees can develop soft skills and knowledge that generate a direct impact on your business. Through different modalities of workshops and laboratories, in which the key tools are the "bricks" of Lego, very diverse industries - from financial, banking and pharmaceutical to audit or metalworking - you can map and develop resources such as empathy, teamwork or communication.

Los workshops ayudan a bajar a tierra conceptos o planes de trabajo. Tras una etapa de precalentamiento en la que los 'jugadores' se familiarizan con la habilidad de contar una metáfora compleja a partir de una consigna abierta, se plantean situaciones basadas en las competencias, habilidades o skills que el cliente quiere evaluar o desarrollar. Al construir, las manos están directamente conectadas con el cerebro, sin interferencias -como en una reunión conmigo mismo para decidir qué construir antes de construir. Esa construcción se combina en el relato o storytelling de lo construido a partir de las propias bases y modelos de razonamiento.

Assessment center

Title: Assessment Center with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.
Topic: Evaluate the observable skills of internal or external candidates.
Main Objectives: Support evaluators in identifying the observable behaviors that arise from the values and competences of the candidates.
Number of Participants: minimum 4 (four), ideal 6 (six).
Total Duration of the Workshop: minimum 2 (two), ideal 3 (three) hours.
Observable competences: Generic: ability to analyze, creativity, flexibility, proactivity, teamwork. Specific (business): process orientation, results orientation, personal values, situational skills, concrete behaviors.

Assessment 02.png


Title: Designing our future.
Topic: Generate a concrete vision of the future so your team can focus on.
Main Objectives: That participants build the desired concepts and distinctions in the near future, and that they trace ways to achieve that.
Number of Participants: up to 20 (twenty) participants.
Total Duration of the Workshop: 4 (four) hours.
Main Challenges: Unify concepts and perceptions, achieve the consensus of the team, sharing of distinctions required to understand the way forward to achieve the objectives.



Title: Creating our identity.
Topic: Identify the values that are the basis of identity in a work team.
Main Objectives: That the participants construct the values that allow to define a team identity.
Number of Participants: up to 20 (twenty) participants.
Total Duration of the Workshop: 4 (four) hours.
Main Challenges: Openness in honest communication, effective use of time, sharing of distinctions required to form a successful new team.

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ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS IN YOUR call & contact center.

 Use Motivarnos.com for:

  • improve the quality and knowledge of the company's products, services and processes

  • manage improvement of indicators through competencies and challenges

  • improve productivity indicators

  • increase the loyalty / engagement of agents / employees

  • reduce absenteeism and in the long term, attrition



  • Basic knowledge management

  • Manual management of productivities

  • Instant feedback
    Award redemption system

  • Up to 10 agent or administrator licenses.



  • Advanced knowledge management

  • Automatic management of productivities

  • Instant feedback

  • Award redemption system

  • News Feed

  • Challenges between participants

  • Automatic rankings of agents

  • Integrations with legacy systems

  • No license limit for agents or administrators



  • Advanced knowledge management

  • Automatic management of productivities

  • Instant feedback

  • Award redemption system

  • News Feed

  • Challenges between participants

  • Automatic rankings of agents
    Internal climate surveys

  • Effective quality evaluations

  • Integrations with own systems

  • No license limit for agents or administrators

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Incredible experience that we live with Lego Serious Play. Real learning through the game! We were able to reflect - in a context of sincereness - and bring to light deep issues, which are the raw material to continue working with our people.
— Banco Coinag, Florencia Damonte, People and Culture
We held a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop that helped us put our commercial strategy into practice for the team of partners in the region. Now I can tell you that innovating and entertaining go hand in hand!
— SAP, Claudio Goldfarb, Channel Development Manager
The workshop that we conducted together with Gamifica has been a success in preparing people for the challenge that lay ahead, predisposing them and engaging them in another way and decreasing turnover in a key segment for the area.
— PwC, Diego Gonzalez, Manager Human Capital - Business School
Motivarnos allowed us to improve the performance results of the group of participants (AHT, ACW, etc.), improve the spirit of the team, the integration and also in some cases, the aspect of self-improvement. Entertainment, productivity, motivation, interest, heterogeneity, were part of an equation that resulted in a very satisfactory and innovative experience.
— La Caja de Ahorro y Seguros, Marcelo Greco, Customer Services Manager


Gamification is a technique that uses game design tools (such as levels, badges, and scores) to motivate an action of the end user.
In a world  that the millennial generation is already part of your workforce, using the schemes of games and challenges is to speak their same language.

Use the power of games, entertainment and challenges to help employees focus better on their results.


Gamifica group

"Play, Learn, Optimize"

Our commitment is towards the development of talents, in an entertaining way.


Know your players

Both in theory and in practice, we create experiences for collaborators. We start from understanding the company culture towards the commitment of improvement.

Rodrigo Borgia


Bachelor of Business Administration, Postgraduate in Call Center Management, M.B.A., Certified in COPC, Gamification Design and Facilitator LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

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Our vision is to make the working environment, a fun and engaging place.

To achieve this goal, we design experiences, digital platforms, workshops, programs and promote soft skills through games, game design tools, gamification and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops.

Two phrases guide us:

"Play, Learn, Improve", so that the learning is entertaining and the impact on the objectives, inmediate.

"Engaged employees creates happy customers", where we design motivational tools for sales, customer service, collections and call & contact centers.

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